May 21, 2012


Best Quotes from Bamboozle: Dave Grohl Affectionately Mocks His Bassist & More

Martin Philbey/Redferns
Martin Philbey/Redferns

Given that The Bamboozle 2012 takes place on the infamous Jersey shore, it's not surprising that some of things you hear there are just as memorable as the stellar performances. Here are some of the best quotes to come out of Asbury Park this last weekend, from artists' stage banter to overheard sound bites to my own conversations with fellow Bamboozlers.  

Dave Grohl introducing Foo Fighters' bassist Nate Mendel (also of Sunny Day Real Estate): "Nate Mendel on bass! You might recognize him from Sunny Day Real Estate. But I doubt it." 

Dave Grohl speaking to a rabid Mentos eater in the front row of the Foos' show: "Enough with the Mentos, dude! It's not 1997." 

Less Than Jake's Chris Demakes: "We played this fest when it was called Skate and Surf and most of you guys didn't have pubes yet." 

Jon Bon Jovi before playing "It's My Life": "It's been years since we've been here on stage. Not that we're rusty, we're as handsome as ever…. We got nothing here to prove, so turn it up and watch this!" 

The Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon: "I saw a Billboard for this [fest] on the New Jersey Turnpike and it said, 'Bon Jovi: All the hits.' So if one doesn’t get played, I'm calling him. Although really, it could take a week. Not a lot of misses with that guy." 

Woe, Is Me fan Vanessa explaining her love for the metalcore band: "The singer is almost soulful. He's not whiny like [motions toward stage where Boys Like Girls are playing]." 

Riff Raff: "Keep your bills paid and your friends happy." Thanks for the fortune cookie advice, dude! 

Marianas Trench tell fans they're down with an open relationship: "Thanks, I love you, too, but it's okay if you want to see other people." 

Trace Cyrus telling the audience why he's without a record label: "I'm doing this all by myself… recording out of a home studio…. Because I am sick of being told what the f**k to do." 

Everyone standing near Trace Cyrus as he tried to watch A$AP Rocky's set: "Can I get a picture with you?" 

A$AP Rocky to his fans: "Y'all could be over there at that big stage, but instead you're here holding it down with us. We appreciate that." 

Man who left DJ Pauly D's set while people were still waiting to get in: "He walked onstage and said, 'Give it up for Pauly D.' Anyone who talks in the third person shouldn't be let onstage." 

Pauly D fan who did not get inside: "I gotta get in. Pauly D is my life." 

Incredulous man at the line for DJ Pauly D: "Is this dude giving us a trip to Narnia?" 

Iggy Azalea to the girls she brought onstage to twerk: "Y'all better know how to twerk, 'cause last night I had a bunch of b**ches." 

Man before Foo Fighters' set: "The Foos ARE talent, man." 

Action Bronson during his set: "I was about to drink the mic just now—I'm so stoned." 

Kreayshawn: "Sorry, I'm near the ocean so my nose is runny." Wait, is that a thing? 

Random doofus responding to woman handing out free suntan lotion samples: "Are YOU going to rub it all over me?" 

 Bonus 'Boozle! Check out our on-the-scene photo gallery from the Jersey Shore music fest. Did you overhear anything amazing over the weekend at Bamboozle? 

Did you overhear anything amazing over the weekend at Bamboozle? Share it in the comments below.