January 15, 2014


Chicago Rapper Add-2: "I Love and Hate Chicago at the Same Time"

"I love Chicago to death," local rapper Add-2 tells Fuse's Esteban Serrano. "But I hate it at the same time."

As usual, the Windy City is a major player on Chi-town native Add-2's latest album, Between Heaven and Hell. On the latest episode of The Mixdown, the "Runnin'" rapper talks about his complicated relationship with the city.

"'The Death of Chicago' is a very personal record for me," Add-2 says about the fourth song the album. "I hold that record close to me because I used to be a camp counselor and there was this kid I used to teach at a park. One day I was watching the news and they said some people got shot and killed. You get kinda numb to it, but it was actually this kid we used to teach named Tay Tay. He got shot.

"The song gave me a chance to try to get some sort of closure on [his death]. It's being honest about where Chicago is right now," he says. "I hope this version of Chicago dies."

Check out more with Add-2 above as he breaks down a few other tracks on Between Heaven and Hell.