March 4, 2014


Hang Out Backstage in Boston With Houndmouth

Alt-country rockers Houndmouth fell into success early, having been signed by Rough Trade after a particularly good set at South By Southwest in 2012. In this new episode of Fuse Follows, the band rewind the tale a bit and tell their history before taking the stage at Royale in Boston.

"We kinda didn't even know it was happening when it was happening" guitarist Matt Myers says about the early days of the group, while riding in their tour van into Beantown. But keyboardist Katie Toupin says they knew after their first jam session that they could soon grow into something special.

Which it just so happened to, and the band is still adjusting to its success. "It's not like we woke up one morning and everyone was singing our songs," Toupin says. "It built over the course of a year." After Toupin completes her thought, drummer Shane Cody shouts, "A year is still a short time" from off-camera.

Still, Houndmouth are striving for more recognition, having tasted a minor level of notoriety. "It's good," Toupin says of their quest for more success. "It keeps the fire burning for us as a band."

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