September 30, 2015


5 Robin Schulz Jams to Dance to Now


Robin Schulz isn't a household name in America. Even saying the name "Robin" immediately elicits visions of Robin Thicke, sunglasses on, giant red hashtags adorning the screen. But like Thicke, you know Robin Schulz. You've heard his music, sang along to something in which he had a hand. Chances are you just didn't know it.

Before you scramble to your Spotify playlist for a refresher, know this: In the last year, Schulz has managed two top 30 hits in the United States, both of which even were larger hits on their genre-specific Dance/Electronic Songs chart, where they reached No. 1. The songs? "Waves" and "Prayer in C."

Right, so...neither of those are Robin Schulz songs originally; "Waves" was released by soulful Netherlands artist Mr. Probz in 2013, while "Prayer in C," from the French-Israeli pop-folk duo Lilly Wood and the Prick, first dropped in 2010. Where Schulz comes in is on the remix; the German producer/DJ brought both songs to worldwide prominence via his reworkings, both of which tend toward his usual brand of deep house as well as the recently coined tropical house genre that now dominates the world pop charts when it comes to electronic crossovers and is even starting to hit more and more in America (think "Cheerleader," Kygo).

Years ago, this would have been commonplace, but recent years have seen producers often taking center stage on the credit roll, among them David Guetta and Calvin Harris, the latter even singing from time to time. So it was only natural that, once Schulz's remixes found their footing, starring roles would not be far behind. Sure enough, Schulz released Sugar, his sophomore full-length album, to the public last week. The follow-up to last year's Prayer could very well lead to mainstream familiarity in the U.S. in no time.

Here are a few songs—new and old—you can use to familiarize yourself.

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