September 29, 2015


The Biggest Fan-Bases Making Music About Games, Movies, Shows and More


Music fandom isn’t a particularly novel concept. Via the internet, rabid bases for acts like One DirectionMy Chemical Romance and many more have gained the ability to meet and mingle more easily than ever. Communities like Twitter, Tumblr, Wattpad and Deviantart are frequently associated with franchises like Harry Potter, Supernatural and other teeming, wildly popular movies, TV shows, games and so forth. Now you can peruse 5 Seconds of Summer fan-art, read 1D fanfic (did you hear? One’s getting made into a movie) and even get into the creative spirit yourself with the click of a few buttons. And some talent. Or not.

But is the inverse true? Can you visit YouTube right now and find original fan-made songs explicitly—or implicitly—about Hogwarts and its many characters? Does the river of fan creation and participatory culture run that route, too?

Yep. Totally.

In what seems to be an increasingly commonplace sight every year, more and more admirers of some of the world’s most popular sagas are creating their own fan-songs, whether they build off a previously established, canon storyline, blaze new trails in a way a fanfic might, or even remix the source material for their own use. Some are tributes to media that at least occasionally features music of its own—think Steven Universe—while others bring song to a creation that otherwise has little melody.

So next time you’re thinking at length about that Breaking Bad storyline that's just SCREAMING for a song, write it. These folks did.

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