September 22, 2015


Japan's CRYSTAL Share Totally Awesome 'Donkey Kong'-Inspired Synth Jam

flau Records
flau Records

It's on like Donkey Kong. No, really.

In the new song "Jungli-La" from CRYSTAL, the Japanese trio not only samples Apple's Siri voice but also opts to create a tune quite reminiscent of the jungle level from the classic video game.

In an email to the FADER, the trio confirmed that the vine-swinging, barrel-crushing ape was on their mind with "Jungli-La."

CRYSTAL explained:

"One day, Siri took me to the jungle to see Diddy and his nephew Donkey. The jungle was their country. Then we played together. The result is this song. Diddy gave me some extra life balloons when we leave. Please enjoy the perfect combination of Diddy's marimbas and Donkey's percussions."

You'll probably want to break out the old cartridge game system after this one. Just saying.

A full-length record from CRYSTAL is on its way next month.