November 20, 2015


EXID Bring Another Brassy Banger With "Hot Pink"

EXID officially broke through to the K-pop mainstream with 2014's "Up & Down," a quirky combination of bold brass and repetitive hooks. The girl group continued the sound with the more aggressive "Ah Yeah" earlier this year, and now look to solidify their place on the scene with new single "Hot Pink."

Like their aforementioned songs, EXID's latest has a throwback element with fuzzy horns and a beat reminiscent of Bob James' oft-used "Take Me to the Mardi Gras," that you heard in Missy Elliott's "Work It." There's some lush choruses courtesy of Solji and Hyerin, along with a very addictive hook that will have you shouting "Hot! Pink! Hot! Pink!" in no time.

The single was released alongside its music video with the EXID ladies owning a gas station called Pink Oil, where loads of customers fill up on the group's special brand. There's loads of suggestive imagery in here (e.g. LE playing with a gas pump), but in true K-pop form it's never too explicit.

EXID are currently battling 39 other top K-pop acts to be named the No. 1 K-pop music video of the year. Support them in FM's inaugural K-Pop Top 40 Music Video countdown right here.