November 20, 2015


Uniformed Police Officer Joins Death Metal Band Onstage, Gets Fired

Deric Anzalone on YouTube
Deric Anzalone on YouTube

Last week, Providence death metal band Vital Remains played in Sanford, Florida. They were joined onstage by Andrew Ricks, a uniformed local police officer, for "Let the Killing Begin," the intro to the band's 2003 album Dechristianize. The track features a movie sample wherein Jesus Christ receives his death sentence.

And at the conclusion, Ricks, a cop in Sanford since 2010, joined frontman Brian Werner in growling, "LET THE KILLING—BEGIN!!" He threw up the devil horns, pumped his fist, shrieked and generally exuded pure fandom:

Now, the Orlando Sentinel reports that Ricks is jobless. A statement from Sanford Police Chief Cecil B. Smith reads:

"An incident of this nature erodes the thin fibers of trust which already exist between the community and the police and it will not tolerated within the Sanford Police Department. ... It is imperative that we have no misrepresentations of the immediate actions taken by the police department in situations of this nature and that we will continue to provide professional service to all citizens of Sanford." 

Werner is quoted on several metal sites as saying, "This is exactly what's wrong with the world today."