January 14, 2016


Laura Mvula Goes to the Dancefloor With Nile Rodgers on "Overcome"

Laura Mvula won our hearts with her stunning debut album Sing to the Moonone of our favorites of 2013—thanks to its heavenly choir sound, ambient atmosphere, and the British singer's Nina Simone-esque timbre. Now, the soul diva kicks off her 2016 by taking her anthemic sound to the dance with a little help from Nile Rodgers.

"Overcome" brings Mvula's penchant for anthemic harmonies and adds some booming percussion and Rodgers' funky guitar licks for a euphoric type of dancefloor banger. The track is close enough to the sound that would have had fans initially fall in love with her (via incredible singles like "She" or "Like the Morning Dew"), but also boasts a beat intriguing enough for a casual pop or dance fan to get Mvula maximum exposure.

Mvula had previously said she was "so privileged to get to know this legend Nile Rodgers," and with their new collaboration coming out today, the Chic icon sent some love back via Twitter: 

"Overcome" previews Mvula's as-yet-untitled sophomore full-length. Here's to even more experimenting on it—this girl's voice can do anything.