March 1, 2016


Listen to Explosions in the Sky's Gorgeous 'Logic of a Dream'

Jason G. Bahr/Getty Images
Jason G. Bahr/Getty Images

Zane Lowe's World Record on Beats 1 on Monday was a biggie. Not just because it's a new Explosions in the Sky song, but because it's a whole new type of Explosions in the Sky song.

It's been five years since Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, and the Texas post-rock instrumentalists have clearly developed a ton of new tricks. "Logic of a Dream" features a slew of fresh sounds, stuff like—well, that adage "writing about music is like dancing about architecture" never feels as apt as it does when talking about Explosions in the Sky. Just listen below:

"Logic of a Dream" follows "Disintegration Anxiety" as the second song we've heard off The Wilderness, due April 1 on TRL, the label, not the old MTV show.

In the time since Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, Explosions in the Sky have written scores for three films: Prince Avalanche, Lone Survivor and Manglehorn.