October 4, 2012


Meet 25-Year-Old New Orleans Rapper Chase N. Cashe

With his debut album C.H.A.R.M. on the horizon and his latest mixtape Verde out this summer, New Orleans' rapper Chase N. Cashe has had a full year—but he's still making time for a woman that could turn a player into a monogamous man, something he touches on in one of his latest tracks "One Man Woman."

"I'm 25 now. I'm getting older, man," Cashe tells Fuse's Esteban Serrano in the latest episode of The Mixdown. "I can't just keep running around with all these random whores and slores, these concubines and strumpets. [The song "One Man Woman"] was just a perfect time for me to express myself and to the one woman I want to be with. And let her know that I'm not perfect, but I'm worth it."

As for that special someone, Cashe gives a shout-out to her in the interview. "I'm not a one-woman man… at least not yet. But the woman I'm talking to: High possibility. You know who you are. It's New York City: We gotta make it, baby."

Cashe has already been through some rough spots to get where he is now. "I got into a situation where I was hustling," he says. "I thought I was slick, I thought I was some conniving kid that I'm not. And I got caught up in check scams and dealing cocaine and sh-t like that. 

"I went to jail, got out, spent a lot of money on the court system, attorneys. I was in the line of fire then way more than I am right now," he says. "But now I'm in the line of fire in a positive light—headed to the top."

For the more about Chase N. Cashe, check out The Mixdown above.