August 14, 2013


Timbaland Protege Nyemiah Supreme Previews Upcoming Mixtape

Timbaland played an integral role in launching the careers of Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, Ginuwine and Keri Hilson, and now he's prepping a new protege for the big leagues: Queens, NY lady rapper Nyemiah Supreme, who is working with Timbaland on her upcoming mixtape There Can Be More Than One

Supreme tells Fuse that the tape represents her shifting mindset towards the competitive world of women in hip hop. "A lot of people are always stuck in one mode, like something can only be done one way and that there can only be one person," she says. "I want to open people's minds up. There can be more than one."

"There can always be more than just one in hip hop... with anything."

And Timbaland is helping groom Supreme to join star lady rappers like Nicki Minaj at the top. But how did an indie act team up with the super producer? 

"My manager was hanging out with him in New York. He said, 'I got this girl, you should check her out,'" she explains. "Timbaland liked what he heard and had me come in the studio the next day. He watched me write the tracks, made sure I could do it myself."

Tim helped Supreme produce her best work yet with There Can Be More Than One. "I've always wanted a producer to work with, it's usually just me with a beat," she says. "Being given direction took me to a whole nother level as an artist. It was amazing."

Watch the full interview, complete with previews of select new tracks, in the video above.