October 9, 2013


Houston Cult Rapper Devin the Dude Breaks Down New Album

With his upcoming eighth album One for the Road, weed-loving Houston rapper Devin the Dude enters his 15th year in the game. Best-known to mainstream rap fans for his appearances on Dr. Dre's "F-ck You" from 2001 and Young Jeezy's "Higher Learning," the rapper has carved out an impressive solo career with a combination of screwball humor, guy-next-door geniality and simple odes to cars, women and weed. 

We caught up with the Dude on the latest episode of The Mixdown, where he broke down One for the Road tracks "Probably Should Have," "Fresh Air" and "Herb the Nation."

"It's a smooth album," Devin said of his new LP. "It's not for clubs or radio. But it's something that you could listen to on the road while you're driving."

Check out the video above to see which song's hook was originally intended for a country song, which one deals with an unsatisfied panhandler and which track pays homage to hip hop's pioneers.