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January 22, 2014


Alchemist & Evidence Blame 'Lord Steppington' Album Delay on Velvet Packaging

Dilated Peoples member (and Crate Diggers alum) Evidence and West Coast beatmaker Alchemist have been longtime friends, but until now, we've never had a full-length album from the duo.

Enter Lord Steppington, the debut album from the duo collectively known as Step Brothers.

“The name [Lord Steppington] means absolutely nothing,” admits Alchemist in the latest episode of The Mixdown. "[The album] wasn’t really thought up too much. I know this guy for a long time and we’ve been making music since before high school. It was just timing. It lined up. It was the right season to do it. I found the right beats. He channeled the energy for the right raps.” Evidence admitted he would just go over to Alchemist’s studio and record, unaware that the output would end up as a final album.

Asked about the duo's name, Ev and Al will admit there is some connection to the Will Ferrell movie of the same name: Dilated Peoples' "Live on Stage" was featured in the film and the movie is one of the pair's favorites.

Originally set for release last November, Evidence noted that the delays weren't due to song tweaking, but the time it took to wrap each CD and vinyl record in velvet. (Yes. Velvet.) "We physically couldn’t put the velvet on the packaging in time," says Evidence. Dedication.