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February 26, 2014


NYC Rapper Andy Mineo Talks "Inspirational" New 'Never Land' EP

To tell the story of his new Never Land EP, Andy Mineo starts where he's from: New York City. In this new episode of The Mixdown, Mineo takes Fuse's Esteban Serrano to Alex Steakhouse, his favorite restaurant in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan, where they dine on pescado frito and fried sweet plantains. 

There, Mineo talks about how his start as a rapper was a slow graduation from breakdancing to scribbling lyrics to making hit instrumentals to "parodying" famous rappers. Finally, he began recording his own music with a childhood friend. 

Later, Mineo and Esteban jump in a car and ride around the city while listening to a few tracks from Never Land, which Mineo hopes leaves the listener with a "message of hope, grace and pursuing excellence." The two preview tracks like the atmospheric opener "Never Land" before checking out the chest-thumping "You Can't Stop Me" and the soulful "Rewind."

"I think it's an inspirational record," Mineo tells Fuse. "You pick it up and you're inspired."

Watch The Mixdown above for more on Never Land and Andy Mineo.