April 1, 2014


Watch Aaron Carter Prep for His House of Blues Comeback Set

In this week's episode of Fuse Follows, we tag along with Aaron Carter as he preps for his set at House of Blues in Anaheim, California. The former teen-pop singer tells us what it's like to play for his fans as a 26-year-old man.

"I spent my whole childhood touring for my fans," Carter tells Fuse. "When I was six they found out who I was and started listening to my music. Around 10, I put out an album, then another album around 12 or 13 and that was the last one I put out. So seeing everybody come out to my shows without me having music out in nearly 15 years is pretty crazy.

"Sometimes the fans have expectations, but that's okay," he says. "They just gotta realize I'm not 12 anymore."

Also in this episode of Fuse Follows, Carter introduces us to his longtime backing band and allows our cameras to capture his pre-show ritual, which includes a team prayer and his backstage warm-up routine the moment before he jumps out on stage.

"It hasn't been easy, I've been dealing with lots of different things," Carter says. "But this is what it's about for me. Being back with my guys, the band, and it's 100% organic and real. And that's the key. You never know when that last show is gonna be."

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