April 22, 2014


Watch Shakey Graves Rise Early for Some "Weird Finger-Picking"

The life of a working musician isn't always about late nights in rock clubs. In this latest episode of Fuse Follows, we caught up with Austin, Texas-based musician Alejandro Rose-Garcia—who performs under the name Shakey Graves—and learned that call times can happen before that second cup of morning coffee. 

In the above video, we kick things off at his home around 8:00 am as he's prepping to play an early SXSW gig at the Spotify House in downtown Austin. And he's got no complaints.

"The one thing I've always wanted is to work as a musician," he says, a bit bleary-eyed. "You want your work to mean something to at least one person and you don't want to challenge your integrity. You want to sleep at night with the things you've done." 

Shakey Graves perform a warped take on country-rock music, a style that Rose-Garcia describes as a grab bag of influences. "I've developed a weird style just by finger-picking," he says. "I love weird country music but I also love the Wu-Tang Clan and pop music." 

He's currently working on the follow-up to his debut album, 2011's Roll the Bones, which he hopes to have out next winter. "I want [this album] to be the transitional album for me," he says. "It's going to be all new songs, in the vein of my past recordings. I'm open to letting my own music surprise myself." 

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