May 28, 2014


New York Rapper Emilio Rojas Explains 'Zero F**ks Given' Mixtape

This week New York City rapper Emilio Rojas sits down with Esteban Serrano and talks about ZFG, his latest mixtape.

"ZFG which stands for 'Zero—expletive—F**ks—end of expletive—Given," Rojas started. "Me and DJ Camilo, we’re dropping a tape. Dope records that have been quiet for a minute. We’ve just been stacking a bunch of music and accents… we’re just going to start flooding. I’ve been quiet for a long time now. I see a lot of these f**kboys winning and I don’t like the f**kboys. New York got the wrong people on top."

He's half-kidding, but it comes from a place of concern. "I feel like I’m unique. There’s really nobody in my lane. I’m half-Hispanic, half-white. There’s no one really doing that and it represents a huge, huge part of the population. There’s been Latino rappers before, there’s been white rappers before, but there’s never been someone who’s spoken uniquely about the biracial situation. I feel like that’s something that makes me special. That’s something I’ve already talked about in my music but I want to push it to the forefront."

That's only part of what makes Emilio Rojas who he is. ZFG is something of a manifesto. "The reality is I never really gave a damn about anything. I love my family and I love my friends, I love the people that are supportive, but as far as everything else is concerned, there’s not really a reason to care. A lot of times, as an artist, you deal with so much criticism, so much rejection everyday. On a daily basis. As an artist you deal with more of that in a week than most people deal with in two years," he continued. 

"I would stress out about, 'Yo, why does so-and-so not support me but they support this sh*t,' and then I’m like, 'Why do I care?' This person came up listening to Maroon 5 and sh*t—they didn’t live the same life that I lived and now they’re a tastemaker in my genre. Yo, f**k you! The tape is really a shot at the hip hop media that does nothing but undermine hip hop culture."

Check out three tracks off ZFG, including a track with Joe Budden, in the latest episode of The Mixdown above.