June 6, 2014


¡Mayday! Explain Their Strategic 'Mursday' Collaboration With Murs

Mursday is a collaboration between Miami-based hip-hop group ¡Mayday! and L.A.'s Murs. The two acts released a song a couple years back on their 2012 album Take Me to Your Leader. After some important back-and-forth exchanges on Twitter, they decided to do a full-length. In this latest episode of Fuse's digital series The Mixdown, three members of the Mursday collective sit down with Esteban Serrano to talk about their new self-titled debut, out June 10.

"When we make ¡Mayday! albums, we try not to be too strategic about it," says ¡Mayday!'s Wrekonize. "We just like to throw a lot of music at the wall and pick our path from there. [Murs] brought in the thought process, 'What do you want to do, how do you want to attack this?'"

The group talked about classic duos and trios like the Beastie Boys and Onyx and tried to bring that vibe to the album. One of the first tracks, "Tabletops," exemplifies that best. "The song 'Tabletops' encompasses everything that's great about the Mursday album: the back and forth, the horn parade, the big band section, the raucous crunk, the party vibe." 

Check out the video above for the full exclusive interview and the video for "Tabletops" below: 

Check out the full episode above and for more of The Mixdown, click here.