September 22, 2015


An Honest Year Stay Positive in the New "Chin Up, Kid" Video

Is pop-punk as fierce as it's always been, or fiercer than it's ever been? Either way, we're glad An Honest Year's here for the party. The Philadelphia band's new single "Chin Up, Kid" surfs the genre's classic terrain of growing up and staying strong through all the bullshit.

The accompanying music video, premiering today exclusively on Fuse, features a girl facing fuming parents, who, as the Fresh Prince taught us, just don't understand. Fortunately she gets buoyed back up by her supportive friends, who do understand. When it comes time for our heroine to deal with the rest of the obnoxious haters throwing their hater voices at her, frontman Matt McKay steps in with a tender affirmation serenade. Then she remembers: She's better than all this. She's got this.

Watch the premiere of "Chin Up, Kid" above—and enjoy this behind-the-scenes glimpse courtesy of rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Jon Pfingsten:

"The filming of 'Chin Up, Kid' was done in a luxury car garage. We wanted the environment to be very barren and solitary. The vibe worked really well, especially on camera. You can’t see it but at all phases of the video, we were surrounded by 20 or more cars that were worth at least 15 'Chin Up, Kid' videos apiece. It was like filming on thin ice, trying to perform and not go off camera and smack into someone’s Ferrari. All worth it though, as no cars were harmed in the making of our film."

Pfingsten tells Fuse the song was "based on the adversity you face from your peers as you’re growing up, primarily those that try and tell you what you need to be doing with your own life." He elaborated:

"We wanted to bridge a connection between our fans and us through the video. A lot of them struggle with this very situation and we think it’s important to tie that all together and show that we can relate. The main theme is to push through the obstacles in life that people throw at you and always keep your chin up."

An Honest Year have released three EPs since 2012's self-titled. Keep tabs on their tour dates here.