December 3, 2015


Mutemath Preview Heartwarming "Monument" Music Video: Exclusive

When we spoke to Mutemath at Lollapalooza, the psych-rock band told us that they were in "the fun phase" of coming up a video for their single "Monument." Now, the psych-rock band has the clip all wrapped up, and it sounds like it's going to be a heartbreakingly gorgeous visual.

Lead singer Paul Meany previously introduced us to the video's star on Instagram and gave FM a little more background info:

"We found this gentleman out of Starkville, Mississippi. He basically he turned his house into a shrine to his wife who died four years ago. He was married for 59 years, he's living out the rest of his days in this sort-of shrine that he created...his name is Charles 'La La' Evans and we have made a music video with him kind of telling his story to the song 'Monument.' We feel like he embodies the spirit of that song."

Meany says the story of how Evans' wife left this world was the ultimate inspiration for focusing the NOLA band's upcoming video.

"He lived a very simple life with a woman he said was his high-school sweetheart, love at first sight, and they endured for 59 years. He tells the story of [how] she had a heart attack in the bed. He tried to say, 'Hey, honey, you're not looking too good, we should go to the hospital.' She opened her eyes for a moment and said 'I love you' and then she passed away. That was four years ago and he says, 'We had the greatest 59 years ever.'"

The band adds that the story will be the focus of the "Monument" video and they also plan to release a short documentary about Evans. While you wait for the full "Monument" video, watch Mutemath's live performance of the single at a show in Mumbai.