January 7, 2016


Mutemath's Kids Help Pick the Band's Singles: Video

Mutemath made their long-awaited return in November with Vitals, and the four-piece's young children had a big influence this time around. "I love to see my kids dance to the new record," bassist Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas tells FM. 

It goes deeper than dancing, though, with the kids influencing the band's choice to make "Monument" the lead song from the album. Mitchell-Cárdenas explains:

"That's the one that they gravitated to. And the few other singles that we're thinking that could be singles, same thing. The ones that they react to, dance to, love. They have no parameters on why they're choosing these songs, they just react to them. It's so innocent, so pure—that's what I gotta go with."

Below, Mutemath tell FM about heading to Europe for the first time in nine years starting in January 2016. "For me," says drummer Darren King, "growing up in Marshfield, Missouri, right, international travel is where I get really pumped." He says the opportunity to play in India multiple times in the last two years "has been the most incredible, memorable, special experience by far."

Following their European run, Mutemath will tour Vitals in North America from Feb. 11 to April 8. Read all the dates here.