December 23, 2015


Mutemath Hopes 'Vitals' Will Have Fans "Overwhelmed With Happiness": Video

Louisana rockers Mutemath came back in November with Vitals after four years away. In the in-between, they had a few kids, added guitarist Todd Gummerman and formed their own label, Wojtek Records. How'd that last bit affect their creative process? Drummer Darren King explains:

"You're autonomous, you move faster if you want to, you have less people influencing and informing your personal decisions about your record, how and when and where it's released. It provides you the luxury of feeling forgotten enough to create whatever you want, and it's yours to screw up at that point, in regards to the pressure."

The newfound independence allowed the band to return to the mindset of their first record, 2006’s self-titled. Singer and keyboardist Paul Meany says he hopes Vitals listeners will be "overwhelmed with happiness” and celebrate "the gift that we have, every day, a chance to live in this world and what we can accomplish every day."