December 28, 2015


NF Explains What to Expect From His Upcoming Tour: Video

Michigan rapper NF dropped Mansion, his debut album, in 2015, and he's ready to take it on the road in 2016. He's got dates booked from Jan. 20 to mid-March—including a slot on New Zealand's Festival One—with a few more gigs taking him into June. 

"I'd rather be in front of 350 hardcore fans than like 10,000 people sitting down," NF tells FM of his preference to perform in clubs and smaller spaces. (A large amount of his upcoming dates are set for churches around America.) "I'd rather make a lot less money and do clubs and keep me and my fans happy."

In our interview, NF speaks about being "a pretty chill person when I'm offstage" and going wild during his set. He also thinks the intense energy he feels at a good concert may end up usurping or at least equaling his biggest love: working in the studio.

Once you're through with the clip, watch NF talk about his rap origins and the "really emotional" process behind the Mansion album right here.