January 22, 2016


Julia Nunes on Her Living Room Concert Tour, Growing Up as a YouTube Star

It seems like we've been living with YouTube stars forever, but the entire concept was a wild frontier not long ago. Riding among the forerunners way back in 2008 was Julia Nunes, who earned millions of views from her bedroom with techniques that would soon become inescapable: Split-screened solo arrangements, ukulele covers alongside tender originals, total emotional and personal openness all along the way. She now boasts 215,000 subscribers.

"I was just a kid, I was just a teenager trying to figure out how to live, and I loved music and I loved attention," reflects the now-27-year-old, who released her fifth album, Some Feelings, in September. "I was pouring everything into those YouTube videos and that's what was making me happy back then. So it is really kind of crazy how well people know me." Watch the video above to hear more. 

Nunes capitalized on her passionate fan base by embarking on a run of more than 20 unplugged living room concerts with her band in late 2015, performing for up to 40-50 people per home. She explained to FM:

"It's so intimate. There are confessions and real questions at these shows. And a lot of it is about how I've changed and how I got here. It's really cool—it's the kind of conversations that I would have with my friends, and it's the kind of conversations that I want to be having."

Watch Julia Nunes discuss the experience below, and get the information for her Midwest living room concerts coming in February right here.