February 4, 2016


Julia Nunes on Health, Happiness and Sticking With the Ukelele: Video

FM recently caught up with singer-songwriter Julia Nunes, chatting about her life as an old school super-YouTuber and the living room concert tour she embarked on in 2015. In two new video interview clips, you'll see the "almost completely vegan" artist discuss her journey to a healthier state of being since the release of her fifth album, September 2015's Some Feelings.

"Being healthy is time-consuming, but it's all in the name of feeling great all the time," she says in the video above. "The record before Some Feelings is Settle Down, and it is just a person being like"—here she breaks into an ironically peppy tune—"I'm not happy at alllll, at all, at all, at all."

Below, watch Nunes break down her affinity for the ukulele, her primary instrument. "The ukulele had, like, a real day in the sun, and then it had a real cliche time...and I've just been playing it the whole time," says Nunes, who has a custom ukulele with Kala. "This is what songs come out of me the easiest on." Watch her discuss that arc below, and see FM's other Julia Nunes interview clips here.