April 15, 2016


All Hail the Yeti on the Song that Changed his Life & Favorite Dive Bar: Interview

There's no denying the impact of music that goes beyond our ears and hits the soul. A few artists have already revealed the songs that have changed their lives with us, and now All Hail the Yeti singer Connor Garritty is telling Fuse his choice: Acid Bath's "Scream of the Butterfly" from 1994.

"My brother had picked up a record that he saw at the record store with a painting of John Wayne Gacy on the front. I put it on and Dax Riggs' voice was nothing I'd heard at the time."

Watch the reveal up top, and check out Garritty giving advice on the best dive bar to go to in Virginia City, NV below. Click here for more of our chat with the singer where he talks about All Hail the Yeti's new album.