May 17, 2016


Swedish Metal Band Avatar Talk Fables, 'Feathers & Flesh' Album

Gothenberg, Sweden's Avatar swung by the FM studio to talk about their upcoming sixth studio album, Feathers & Flesh. It's a concept album based on a fable. Singer Johannes Eckerström explains:

"It's about an owl that goes to war to stop the sun from rising. Of course this is a hopeless task because you cannot stop the sun from rising, you cannot stop time. We follow her on her journey where she's doomed to fail and lose. It's all about that she is this ruler of the night, a nocturnal predator. As far as she is concerned it's only ever been night."

The story gets way more complicated from there: an eagle represents daylight and the end of the owl's reign. It's pretty metal, we've got to say.

Watch the full interview above!