May 11, 2016


Elliphant Breaks Down the Meaning of 'Step Down' & 'Spoon Me': Video Interview

Elliphant is currently promoting her Living Life Golden album (released March 25), and she stopped by our FM studios to dive into the creation of two tracks off the project: "Step Down" and "Spoon Me." The Swedish electro/hip-hop artist got passionate about the former song, saying:

"It's a good lesson for this world because I think we are living very independently. We don't want relationship, we don't need relationships the same way we have done before. People are just very scared to show love and to take love in."

Below, watch Elliphant reveal the message behind "Spoon Me," which derives from learning how to be sweet to others...even if it was just a one-night stand:

"It's important during this Tinder generation time to don't do it just for the talk of it. Instead, really try to meet your buddy and the beauty of that meeting. Because it is a very important place for humans; it's the only place we actually are humans. When we're naked like that together."