June 10, 2016


Kongos on Switching the Definition of 'Egomaniac' With Their New Album: Interview

Kongos' third studio album Egomanic is officially out today, June 10, and the alt-rock band stopped by to discuss the new project. When it came down to choosing the title, the four brothers wanted to keep the human condition trend going since their last album was called Lunatic.

"We were looking for another title of the album other than Egomaniac, something that would relate to Lunatic. Something celestial or planetary, but nothing really worked. But then Egomaniac, in addition to all the songs, is kind of an easy thing to talk about for press and all these things because we talk about ourselves. We are egomaniacs, you are an egomaniac...everyone is."

After watching the guys get their egomania on above, click here to read our Q&A with bass guitarist Dylan Kongos. You can stream the new record via Apple Music now.