September 12, 2016


Rob $tone Talks Connecting 'Kill Bill' to 'Chill Bill,' Success So Far: FM First Interview

Rob $tone is rising up the rap ranks thanks to his hot debut single "Chill Bill" that incorporates the iconically creepy whistle from the Kill Bill movies. Watch above as the latest FM First artist explains how his love of the Quentin Tarantino films helped create his breakout single:

"Kill Bill is one of my favorite movies. I was already connected with the beat as soon as I heard it so I fell in love. Then we started writing a little bit, it just flowed out of us."

While "Chill Bill" indicates big things for $tone (the song is in the Top 75 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and Top 20 on the Rap charts), the 21-year-old is adamant he won't become one of those cocky celebrities. "I'll never let it go overboard, I don't think that's cool to be an arrogant asshole," he adds. "You got to be confident in yourself and your craft, but don't treat people like you're better than them."

Watch the full interview above for further details on the creation of "Chill Bill," his success so far and more on the future hit. Throughout the next month, tune in to see the "Chill Bill" video and lots more exclusive content with new FM First artist Rob $tone on FM, and on the new Fuse TV app on Apple and Android. Find FM in your area with our Channel Finder.