February 6, 2017


D.R.A.M. Says 'Music Always Came First' During His Rise: FM First Interview

D.R.A.M. always knew he was going to be a musician, it was just a matter of how. 

Watch above as the latest FM First artist shares how hard he hustled early in his career, how it affected his school and work life, and also how his new single "Cash Machine" is going to ensure he continues pushing forward in his career. 

Watch above for more from D.R.A.M., including more details on recording "Cash Machine." Throughout the next month, tune in to see the "Cash Machine" video and lots more exclusive content with our new FM artist D.R.A.M. on FM, FM.tv and on the new Fuse TV app on  Apple and Android. Find FM in your area with our Channel Finder.