November 1, 2018


Cipha Sounds What's Ur Thing: Swizz Beatz Talks Harvard Dorm Room & Talks Whiskey and Wine

Swizz Beatz, renowned rapper, DJ and producer, joins DJ and comedian Cipha Sounds; talking about his deep appreciation of fine whiskey and wines. “What’s Ur Thing” reveals the unexpected passions and crazy hobbies that keeps artists sane in their downtime. What’s that “thing” they focus their energy on outside of the studio? What’s that uncommon or surprising hobby that keeps them sane on the road in between tour dates? From Cross-Stitch to Cross-Fit. Cosplay to Calligraphy. On “What’s Ur Thing”, Cipha gives new insight into an artist’s passions, and teases out that ‘thing’ that helps clear their mind, keeps them motivated, and possibly inspires their next project.