January 15, 2019


'Big Boy's Neighborhood': Baron Davis Talks LeBron and The Golden State Warriors

While we would all like to be experts when talking about sports, especially the NBA, what's better than talking to a two-time NBA AllStar. Baron Davis stopped by the neighborhood to talk LeBron and the current state of the NBA.

"When you look at the NBA now, you got to start looking at matchups. So being a 1 in the eight seat or a 2 in the seven, it don't matter if you can find the right matchup, and I think LeBron on the Lakers give them the best possible match up for the top teams in the league," Baron says. 

Check out the full clip above and catch Baron's other Big Boy interview talking about his new show "WTF Baron Davis" premireing January 20 at 11PM on Fuse.

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